Conseil Fluide Equipement

Your fluids’ partner

CFE is a specialist in pumping for industrial markets on all types of fluids (soda, oil, sulfuric acid, fat, mastic, paint, ink, mascara, solvent, milk, beauty cream…).

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In charge of
centrifugal pumps
In charge of
displacement pumps
Christophe DRUENNE

For people working in :

-printing industry & ceramics
-food industry & cosmetics
-water treatment & sanitation
-chemical industries, petrochemical industries & surface processing

CFE offers advices and solutions for fluids that are contaminated, viscous, abrasive, corrosive, sensitive, pasty, dangerous…..

The objective is to optimize the global costs of pumps taking into consideration several parameters : purchase cost, production breakdown costs, repairs costs, energy costs….in compliance with the standards in force (ISO, ATEX, CE, FDA, EHEDG, USDA…)

CFE supports you for your study, your NPSH calculation, plumbing sizing (for suction and press) thanks to the measuring of friction loss taking into consideration physicochemical and rheological characteristics such as water hammer, cavitation, thermal expansion, pulse, machine shearing Our expertise is visible through our packages, supplemented by peripheral devices for pumps (flowmeter, filters, filling guns, anti-pulsators, flow control, hoses, reels)

Our skills in pumping make CFE a valued partner
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